Terms of Use

1. Licensing

Sintra By Sofia is a registered trademark for services rendered by Sofia Quintana,
Id. Nº. 209086491, and is in the National Registry of Tourist Animation Agents with the No. 65/2022.
The information in this section is intended to regulate the partnership between Sintra By Sofiaand its Guests,
that by hiring our tourist entertainment services must be aware and accept these conditions. These general
conditions are likely to be complemented by other more detailed or specific, as a result of updating
certain standards or specific requirements to be observed for added convenience and security of each event.

2. Schedule of Activities/Events

The services provided, such as hiking, visits, tours, among others, regarding the event description
or the price or the venue, or any other information are only valid for each specific activity
(to take place on a certain date). Thus, the description of each event should always be consulted
in advance on our website Sintra By Sofia.
Any changes to the initially described will always be communicated in the shortest time possible.
We always try to have a detailed description of each event, so that all the Guests are properly
informed about the characteristics of each activity. Participants in each event proposed by
Sintra By Sofia should therefore carefully read the planned program.

3. Enrolling in Activities/Events

To enrol in any activity proposed by Sintra By Sofia, Guests shall proceed to contact us
by using the several links on the website and, in doing so, you are purchasing a service and agreeing
to the General & Specific Conditions of that activity.

4. Payment of Activities/Events

After enrolling in, the Guest should settle the amount to be paid for the services which will be provided by Sintra By Sofia.
Payment must always be made in advance by PayPal, MBWAY (only valid in Portugal) or bank transfer
to IBAN PT 50 0170 3487 0304 0001 3149 6 (ABANCA).
The receipt should be sent immediately to the following e-mail me@mysintrabysofia.com.
All prices include VAT. Admission fees for monuments are not included, unless specified.
NOTE: Pick-up and drop-off in Lisbon have an added cost of €50 total. For other locations, please contact us.

5. Cancellations/Refunds/Other Changes/ Unforeseen Situations

Sintra By Sofia will always try to carry out the planned activities, however, as we all know,
sometimes there are situations which we may not be aware off and that force us to change or to cancel an
event – We can assure you, we will strive to minimize the inconvenience caused by those situations.
Sintra By Sofia reserves the right to cancel the events proposed in situations such as, but not limited to:
• Minimum safety conditions do not meet criteria, to carry out the event;
• In adverse weather conditions;
• Did not met the minimum number of participants required for the event;
• Sudden illness or a situation in which your Host is prevented from escort you in your event.
In the case of not holding the event at the stated date, Sintra By Sofia will reprogram a new date.
If the enrolling Guest cannot be present in this new date, the Guest will be given the opportunity to
opt for another event, or will be reimbursed in total.If the cancellation is made by our Guest,
it can be fully refunded up to 72 hours prior to the event. In events, over 24 hours in duration,
cancellations made within 10 working days from the event, will be reimbursed 50% of value.
If it’s a No-Show, there will be no refund of the amount paid. However, there may be specific
conditions for each event. In any other situation for a late cancellation, please contact us.

6. Security in Activities/Events

Our activities do not have a particularly high risk; however, we assure you that Sintra By Sofia
complies with all safety standards regulations for all our activities and events, seeking to reduce the level of risk involved.
To help us with this task, it is essential we have the collaboration of all our Guests, so it is expected you to
follow all the Rules of Conduct and respect the Safety Rules for the wellbeing of each one of you and the group.
Sintra By Sofia will not be held responsible for any inappropriate behaviour that may jeopardize the safety of the group and others.

7. Guest Obligations

Guests taking part in the activities of Sintra By Sofia, before enrolling, should read carefully
the description of the event and confirm that they are in good health conditions (physical, psychological
and motivational) suitable for the practice of the same.
And last but not least, the Guest must confirm that is aware and accepts the rules as stated in the
Terms of Use to take part in our activities.And only then should make the most of
our offers ...after all… life is too short to do everything we like!
Sintra By Sofia is likely to use photos or videos resulting from each activity for marketing purposes.
If any of our Guests do not want to see their image publicized, please inform Sintra By Sofia’s Host.

8. Insurance Information

Sintra By Sofia has contracted the following insurances, which are mandatory by law:
A Civil Liability Insurance covering property and personal injury to third parties and Guests,
which can be imputed on us, as a direct result of our line of work.
– Insurance Policy No. 0007114596 Tranquilidade Seguros
A Personal Accident Insurance, which protects all participants in our activities with the following coverage:
• 20,000 Euros in case of death or total and permanent disability
• 4,000 Euros for treatment costs
– Insurance Policy No. 0007114596 Tranquilidade Seguros
NOTE: Guest can only be insured if they are under 75 years of age.

9. My Sintra By Sofia Contacts

Sofia Quintana
+351 96 520 6451
(call to national mobile network)

do get in touch with us